A successful performance cooling system is based on three important cornerstones:

  1. Adequate Airflow.
  2. Physical Capacity of the Radiator Core.
  3. Adequate Coolant Flow.

Lets take a look at each of these one by one. 

The most important consideration of a successful cooling system is Adequate Airflow, especially at low speeds. To insure adequate airflow at all speeds Solution.cool systems include high-quality, European electric fans. It’s also important to use a vented radiator shroud. Radiator shrouds that are not vented will trap air which decreases overall airflow-speed.

The physical capacity of the Radiator Core is the next consideration. As the size of the radiator core increases the coolant capacity increases. Added capacity means added cooling. The trick is engineering the largest radiator core possible that will still fit into a specific vehicle’s radiator space. 

Finally, Adequate Coolant Speed is the last cornerstone of a successful performance cooling system. It is important to allow the radiator core enough time to cool the coolant before it returns to the engine. A one to one pulley ratio should be used and an underdrive pulley is not recommended. 

If you include the above three cooling fundamentals your cooling system challenges will become another memory from the past.

Every Solution.cool performance cooling system is based on these three cooling fundamentals and is designed to provide enjoyable performance from your vehicle.