Complete COOLING Module Systems

A cooling module consists of all of the necessary components to provide adequate cooling. Following the “Cooling Fundamentals” and horsepower guidelines it will give you sufficient cooling.

Our cooling modules are made up of a radiator, a single or dual electric fan, fan wiring harness, mounting brackets, radiator cap, and overflow tank.

The reason that we offer this complete solution comes from our experience in the cooling industry. Quite often, offering individual components makes it difficult to have successful cooling outcomes because you end up overlooking one of the “Cooling Fundamentals.”

Cooling Fundamentals

A successful performance cooling system is based on three important cornerstones:

  1. Physical Size of Radiator Core.
  2. Adequate Airflow.
  3. Adequate Coolant Flow.

Let’s take a look at each of these, one by one.

The Physical Size of the Radiator Core is the first consideration. As the size of the radiator core increases the coolant capacity increases equally. Added capacity means added cooling. The trick is engineering the largest radiator core possible that will still fit into a specific vehicle’s radiator space. 

The second most important consideration of a successful cooling system is Adequate Airflow, especially at low speeds. To ensure adequate airflow at all speeds, systems include ultra high-quality, brushless, European electric fan(s). It’s also important to use a vented radiator shroud. Radiator shrouds that are not vented will trap air, which decreases overall airflow-speed by creating a “vapor lock-type” situation and stalling or reducing the airflow speed.

Finally, Adequate Coolant Speed is the last cornerstone of a successful performance cooling system. It is important to allow the radiator core enough time to cool the coolant before it returns to the engine. A 1:1 pulley ratio should be used and an underdrive pulley is never recommended.

If you include the above three cooling fundamentals your cooling system challenges will become just another memory from the past.

Every performance cooling system is based on these three cooling fundamentals.

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