Troubleshooting Guide


If Your Vehicle Runs Hot AT IDLE After Installing a Cooling System

  1. Lack of adequate airflow. Install a higher CFM Fan or Fans.
  2. Your water flow speed through the radiator may be too slow. Increase your RPM to 1500-2000. If this lowers the operating temperature, you can increase your water flow at idle with different speed pulleys.
  3. Your water flow speed may be too fast. Try slowing down the water flow with different size pulleys.
  4. Temporarily removing the thermostat can help diagnose these conditions.

If Vehicle Runs Hot AT SPEED Check for:

  1. Possible airflow obstruction. Do not restrict airflow with added accessories.
  2. Radiator hose to water pump could be getting sucked closed at high RPM.
  3. Your water speed is too fast.

Other Problems for Both Situations Could Be:

  1. Steam in the cooling system.
  2. Your engine timing advanced or slowed too far.
  3. Your air/fuel mixture too lean.
  4. Improper spark plug heat range.
  5. Vacuum leaks causing rough idle

Electric Fans

Sequence and Tips for selecting an Electric Fan or Fans: Keep in mind these are general guidelines. There are always exceptions to these rules.

What is the best package that fits in the given space?

  1. Is there a dimension that limits your fan choice?
  2. Performance requirements. (It may be dimensionally limited)
    1. A Low Profile/Medium Profile/High Performance/Brushless Fan.
    2. One big fan versus two smaller fans.
      1. One big fan may be the quieter option and it offers less system complexity.
      2. Two smaller fans may offer more performance, especially if space is limited. However, two fans often make more noise.
      3. You can adjust the fan size slightly or offset the fan to fit the engine location.
    3. Blade/motor combination.
      1. offers several different blade configurations for different systems. Match the blade style to your application.
  3. Power Requirements
    1. Verify vehicle electrical system is sufficient for the fan or fans selected.
    2. Verify proper fuse value for the fan. Never use automatic resetting circuit breakers in fan installation.


  1. The main power supply should come from the battery, never the starter.
  2. If choosing a High Output fan (HO) a HO relay kit should be used.
  3. One 40 AMP relay kit per fan.
  4. Proper grounding of the fan or fans is critical to function and performance.
  5. For best performance use SOLUTION.COOL dedicated wiring harnesses.

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